About the Blog: Biznesslanch is intended to showcase writing and analysis on a variety of topics, with a focus on politics. Call it a portfolio site, call it a blog, it probably doesn’t matter. Your humble author is finishing a dissertation on nationalism and authoritarian regimes, specifically Russia, so a lot of the posts will touch on Russian issues, but a number of other topics will probably feature here at some point. Don’t feel obligated to trudge through a post on far-right activists in Russia if you don’t care about it, just read an article about soccer or something else.

The name ‘Biznesslanch’ comes from an older blog I ran after living in Russia for a few years. While in Moscow, I was struck by the number of restaurants advertising ‘biznesslanch’ specials, which – despite the name being clearly taken from English – I had never heard about. Something about an obscure English loanword being advertised all over town as if everyone knew about it appealed to my sense of the absurd, so it stuck as the name of the old and, now, the new Biznesslanch.


— Tom